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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the word “ROLJ” or “eROLJ.com” appear on the playmat?
The word “ROLJ” or eROLJ.com" does not appear on the playmat. It is just a watermark on all of our online products to protect it from any more unauthorized use.

What's the difference between the Full Custom Playmat vs the playmatXpress?
Full Custom is our graphics team creating a mat from scratch using renders you, the customer, provides. PlaymatXpress is just you submtting an image for production.

Do you Ship in my country or overseas?
We can ship to virtually any address in the world. Note that there are restrictions on some products, and someproducts cannot be shipped to international destinations.

Where can I see the preview of my mat?
Previews are sent after purchase of the product as it is a queue for our graphic designers to prioritize orders. 

What’s the overall feel/size of the mat?
It feels the same as all the standard playmats you have seen elsewhere. Smooth on the top and rubber bottom. The size of the mat is 24 inches (615 mm) by 14 inches (361 mm) and 1/16th inch thick (1.5 mm).

Can I make/print my own design?
Yes, please see our “Full Custom Playmat” Category packages or Click Here.

Can I provide my own picture?
Yes, you can! Order it under the full custom playmat category then send us the playmat image through e-mail as an attachment. Please note: The size of the mat is 24.25 inches (615 mm) by 14.25 inches (361 mm). The “0.125 or 1/8 inch (3.17 mm)” is the bleed room; please avoid putting anything “major” within this bleed room. Minimum pixels requirement, the size is 1746 x 1026 or 72 PPI.  We recommend the highest pixels at 300 PPI or 7275 x 4275 pixels for Best Quality.

How long does it take for you guys to create the initial preview?
If you don’t have an image, it takes 3-5 working days (maybe more if the designer has to render images) to create the initial preview. The designer will usually email you right away letting you know he will have to render images and will give you a timeframe on when you will be receiving your first initial preview. Please make sure you provide us with a working email and make sure to unblock us in your email set-up. (if you don’t see any emails from us within 5 working days please email us as soon as possible, but don’t forget to check your “Junk/Spam E-Mail Folder”)

If you DO have an image, we don’t provide the preview unless you: a) wanted to put a template on the design or b) we have to resize the image.

I ordered a Personalized Playmat. Now what?
Usually we email you the preview of the personalized playmat with the designated font/text through the email you provide. So make sure it’s a working email and make sure to unblock us in your email set-up. Then all we need for you is to confirm it and we’ll take it from there! (if you don’t see any emails from us within 5 working days please email us as soon as possible, but don’t forget to check your “Junk/Spam E-Mail Folder”)

Please note that we cannot start production on the personalized playmat until we get the confirmation and approval from you to print it. We won’t manufacture your personalized playmat until this process is complete.

What are the accepted file formats?
Files in JPG, PNG, TIFF, PSD and PSP formats are recommended. PDF, PS and EPS are also accepted but must be in exact file size of 24.25 x 14.25 inches.

Are there any limitations to what I can and cannot print?
Yes, our company policy forbids us from printing any image with extreme violence, blood, gore, and any form of pornography. We will ask you to change the image if we feel that your image falls under one of the categories.

Do you ship worldwide?
Yes, we ship just about anywhere. We’ve never had problems on a specific place before.

Why I am experiencing a problem when I used a Paypal Express Check-out?

If  your Shipping Address you have provided in our website is different from your PayPal account shipping address, our website and PayPal will reject your transaction, this security feature is to protect you from fraud.  You have to change your shipping address in your Paypal account to match with the shipping address you have selected in our website or Add another shipping address in our website during the check-out process to match with your PayPal account.

Bill Me Later Related Inquiries

Bill Me Later-related customer service inquiries please call Bill Me Later Customer Support at 866-528

Why I did not received a confirmation email after I created an account  or placed an order? 

Most likely you have provided a wrong email address to our website or the confirmation email is trapped in your Spam Folder.  Please check your Spam folder and if it does not exist  click here to send us an email.

Do you trade cards for mats?
We regret we don’t trade any “cards” for our “playmats”.

I am a Graphic Artist or Designer and I design Playmats,  Can I have a Discount so I can sell  my own playmat design to my Clients or Customers?

Yes,  please contact us. Why spend a lot of effort for just 10% Commission for Full Revenue of All Your Playmat Sales every 3 months? We know how much time and effort you invest just to design a playmat, you deserve more than that.

Do you require any more graphic designers?
At the moment, we have our “team” of Graphic Designers and we aren’t looking for any more. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Why do you still have blurry images on your site?
It’s part of our vintage collection, and we won’t replace them with our new renders as a reminder (for us and you!) of who we used to be.